The Gymnasium

The Gymnasium

Club Marriott contains a fully equipped gym facility, open from 4am - 11pm daily. It is strictly for inducted residents only, with no guests allowed. The gym contains a full range of equipment including :

* Treadmills

* Elliptical Trainers

* Upright Bikes

* Recumbent Bikes

* Rowers

* Stair Master

A wide range of pin-loaded machine weights, which include

* Leg press

* Seated row

* Lat pulldown

* Chest press

* Bicep curl

* Pec deck

* Leg extension

* Leg curl

* Cable

* Assisted chin/dip

As well as a variety of free weights, which include

* Kettlebells

* Barbells

* Dumbbells

If you are unsure of how to operate or use any of the above equipment, we recommend you booking in to see one of our qualified trainers. To book an appointment please call the Club on 03 8738 9215.

Club Marriott have qualified personal trainers who can tailor a program to meet your individual goals / needs.

The Club also runs an Exercise Class timetable that coincides with the Victorian Public School term dates.

These are for all residents to enjoy, with strictly no guests allowed.

We offer classes such as Boxing, Kids Fitness, Yoga, and much more. To find out more and view our current timetable please click here.

Please note : All residents must bring a towel when they are working out and wipe down equipment after use.