In light of the advice provided by the Victorian Department of Health, to the Strata Community Association we are pleased to announce that the Club Marriott facility will be open to all members within Marriott Waters Estate.

The complex will transition back to the original hours from 4am to 11pm every day, effective from 01/12/2021.

The rationale for reopening to all members is in recognition of the high number of vaccination rate within Victoria.

To all Club Marriott members attending the facility, we ask you to consider the below recommendations:

• Face masks are preferred to be worn whilst indoors

• All members place a particular importance on wiping down the equipment after use, including all touch points of the equipment, and please remember to bring a towel while exercising.

• It is highly recommended that all eligible Victorians are vaccinated in order to best protect themselves and those particularly vulnerable members of society from Covid-19.

As a consideration to all staff and Club Marriott attendees, anyone who feels unwell is asked to continue to obtain a Covid test, and to self-isolate until such a time a negative test is returned.

For further information pertaining to this decision, please refer to the SCA website on the following link: https://www.vic.strata.community/vic-covid-19

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 8738 9215 or staff@marriottwaters.club